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Co-Founder | Realtor®
Hi, my name is Megan Valnes, and after helping Stacey administratively for 6 years, I entered the real estate industry as a licensed agent in 2010, when the market was considered “very tough” by many around the world. Ironically, this challenging time of market recession was precisely the reason I decided to get my license and become my husband’s partner in sales, putting forth my own talents in helping our family, business and economy at large. Since then, I have thrived in the industry, selling real estate and gaining a loyal base of clients. As a mom of 6 wild and wonderful children, I know how to multitask, manage stressful situations, and diffuse tension with silly jokes.
In addition to real estate, I also homeschool our 6 children, run a small home farm, and live life to the fullest! It is my firm belief that where attention goes, energy flows, and so I do business with this philosophy always present in my mind. I give clients, details, and the creation of successful outcomes my full attention to ensure the best possible scenarios for everyone involved. Get in touch with me anytime to discuss your real estate needs.

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