Being at Our Best

Being at Our Best

  • 02/9/22

Selling real estate in Los Angeles is thrilling and inspiring. As real estate professionals, Stacey and I are exposed to so many interesting and different types of people, which can be very exciting and sometimes a little intimidating, but in a good kind of way. The kind of way that encourages us to be outstanding. Working in a luxury real estate market takes more than just knowing the facts or the right people. To be successful in a sophisticated real estate market, one must be attuned to many subtle nuances.

While many real estate professionals dream of one day breaking into the exclusive luxury market, few ever accomplish it, even if they put incredible amounts of effort toward making it happen. Why is this? Why are some Realtors and brokers seemingly effortless matches for the rich and famous while others aren’t, even when they’ve had the opportunity? 

First of all, being a successful Realtor and or broker at any price point is a great accomplishment because it means you’ve found your niche and love it enough to keep the business flowing. And there are many places in the United States where the luxury real estate market is not quite as riche as it is here. This is LA! Everybody hates us and yet everyone wants to own some prime real estate here. Lucky me, hee hee. 

I believe the greatest contributing factor to failing in the any real estate market is the Realtor’s personal hangups. What I mean by this is, when one is dealing with a successful person, one must feel confident in doing so because a lack of confidence will highlight one’s flaws, not one’s strengths. These clients are often savvy, wise, and experienced. They have a keen eye for talent, which keeps me on my toes. So how does one go about feeling comfortable and secure in a new situation? Two ways: fake it till you make and prepare. Mostly prepare. Before meeting with a potential new client who is outside of your comfort zone, take the time to mentally prepare. Meditate, journal, walk, pray–whatever it is that you do to center yourself, do that. And if you happen not to have a centering practice, I recommend getting on that real quicklike. One easy practice is to simply breath five deep breaths through your nose and down into your belly. Focus only on your breath as much as possible by following it along as it enters your nostrils and travels through your body. If you lose focus, that’s okay, all you must do is gently move your awareness back to your breath. Visualize yourself having the success you desire and being your best self with this new client. Know that this opportunity was brought to you for a reason and it’s a chance to learn and grow, so lean into it!

Fake it till you make it simply implies that sometimes we need to trust that the chance to evolve our career forward and upward is also our chance to become who we’ve yet to be. It’s a moment to step into a new version of ourselves, one that fits into the situation at hand perfectly. Have faith in that moment and yourself. 

When you take the time to work out any little bugs or kinks within yourself before a big meeting or life changing event, you will find a much greater feeling of satisfaction. Personally, I always set intentions before I walk into any new situation (especially the ones that make my nerves go jingle-jangle) for the way I want the situation to play out. This makes my purpose very clear and forthright and helps me remember what it is I’m doing. For example, before I meet with any client (not just high-profile) to show houses, I set my intention to be the best Realtor I can be, to be of service, to be a great listener and observer, and to be knowledgeable about the things I need to know. I set the intention to be honest and find out whatever I don’t know and get the information back to my clients. I also take a few deep breaths, get centered, and remind myself that I have gotten to this point for a reason–I’m good at what I do and I’m always willing to learn more. If you happen to be going on your very first solo listing appointment or showing buyers homes, remind yourself that this opportunity came to you and you will do your best to be of the highest service to your clients.

In the beginning, I referred to being attuned to subtle nuances as an important factor of succeeding in the luxury real estate industry. When you take the time to first attune yourself to yourself–that is, checking your interior and creating a calm center, being able to attune to the subtle nuances of your clients and their needs will be a natural byproduct. When our heads and hearts are centered together in rhythm, we are at our best, plain and simple. 

These tips go well beyond real estate. Regardless of your career, life path, goals, or dreams, when you choose to make peace within your inner world a priority, your life will improve dramatically on all levels. 

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