Falling in Love With Home

Falling in Love With Home

  • 02/15/22

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there in the beautiful Interwebs. Despite the fact that I think Valentine’s Day has mostly been reduced to nothing but another Hallmark Holiday aimed at raising the consumerism rates, there is something about it that still holds a special place in my heart. The idea of love, falling in love, broken hearts, and finding that your heart can indeed be mended and love again is a part of our human experience. Valentine’s Day can also represent the love of friends and the pure love of children and animals. Beyond the corny cards, candy, and flowers, Valentine’s Day represents the innate human longing for love and acceptance. 

How does all of this relate to real estate? I think of all the buyers I’ve worked with who have fallen in love with a house. And just like romantic love, oftentimes the house is not the one they thought they were looking for. Suddenly, it hits them over the head, like WHAM! They can’t sleep at night, they want to see it at all hours, and they definitely want to buy it. As a Realtor, I can tell you that these are my favorite clients to please. House hunting is apt to be a long process whereby many homes are often looked at and picked over before the “one” finally presents itself, which makes the reward of true love with a house all the sweeter.

Still, not every home buyer will have this experience of truly falling head over heels with a house. Sometimes, the house feels like more of a relief, more of a logical and pragmatic decision rather than the ecstatic (and sometimes irrational) energy of impulsive love. However, if you happen to become infatuated with a house and it meets all of your pragmatic needs, congratulations because you have won the ultimate home buyer’s prize! Love and logic combined in one beautiful home which you will love owning and take pride in caring for.

As with our romantic partners, sometimes we outgrow the homes we once cherished so dearly. Our family expands or our needs simply change and it’s time to move on to the next bigger and better thing. Saying goodbye to a home can be an emotional process for some sellers, while others are completely ready to say farewell to their living space. Doesn’t all of this seem like a natural evolution of the love process? I wonder if anyone has ever chosen their home to be their Valentine? After all, our homes keep us warm and sheltered while holding a space for our creature comforts. We have the power to adjust our home as we like and adorn it with beautiful things that please our senses. Not to mention, a home doesn’t openly disagree with you or find fault with the quirky habits that only present themselves within the home itself. The house just is and allows you to just be.

To find a human who allows you to just be and never expects you to please them is like a unicorn: extremely rare and magical. So while we wait on Cupid to sling arrows at that magical someone we can fall in love with, why not fall in love and cherish our home in the meantime? Your home is the place that will always accept you back and allow you the peace to be, live, and love. 

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