Why the Art Parties?

Why the Art Parties?

  • 03/10/22

Here at Valnes and Company, we have been hosting art events once again since October, 2021. Before Covid, we had just gotten into hosting these events in our space, but like so many others, we had to shut down during Covid restrictions. Perhaps this was actually a good thing because it gave many artists the time to create prolifically. For Stacey and I, the time off allowed us a chance to remember why we had wanted to do these art events in the first place.

When Stacey Valnes first acquired our space here at 1712 Ocean Park Blvd, he held the vision of creating an open space where the community could come together over positive aspects of humanity, such as art, literature, new ideas, and creative thinkers. The idea of a real estate office doubling as an art gallery is not completely unheard of–many Realtors commission the works of artists to embellish their listings, however, actually giving artists a space to hang their work that is not a house-for-sale, commission-free, is not so common. Still, Stacey purposely built out our space to showcase art, as well as host groups of people, parties, and events, because it was always our joint vision to bring the community together, beyond the bounds of real estate.

Of course, as real estate professionals, we want the opportunity to meet as many people as possible because networking is a key ingredient to our personal success as a small independent real estate brokerage.  We’re not a mammoth company like Compass or even The Agency. Valnes and Company has no ambition to scale globally or take over the real estate market in any way–but we do want to be successful and help as many of our local home buyer and sellers as possible. Hence, community art parties to not only promote local artists, but ourselves as well.

Creative marketing is what you might dub our art parties, but there’s more to it than that. Yes, we want people to use our services and choose us to sell and buy their real estate, but we also genuinely hold the intention of bringing our local communities of Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Venice, and Mar Vista together in a constructive way–and of course we extend this invitation to all of Los Angeles! 

In conclusion, while the reason we host art parties and local artists in our space is not completely altruistic, it is with an open heart that we extend the invitation to join us at any of our beautiful events. We approach these events as an offering to the community and we intend to continue hosting fabulous art events as well as constantly improving our modus operandi around them. All are welcome.

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