The Intersection of Art and Real Estate

The Intersection of Art and Real Estate

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  • 10/21/21

The Intersection of Art and Real Estate 

October 20, 2021

Art and real estate are undoubtedly related; first cousins in a family filled with color, design, architecture, and style. In visual art and real estate, both commercial and residential, you have your Thomas Kinkades and your Jackson Pollocks--those who appeal to the masses and those who make you wonder what the definition of art is anyway. If we’re lucky, we also get to experience a Picasso-type genius in our generation. Someone who is avant-garde and bends the rules just enough to be original without coming across as pretentious. A true artist that sees the world in their own unique way and is able to translate that vision into their work.

As art relates to real estate, there’s the developers who mass produce a home design because it’s in style and sure to sell and then there are the architects and developers who take risks and produce something new and interesting, which may not immediately engage the masses, but overtime prove to be the forerunners of a new style. And of course, there’s the flops. The homes or buildings that get built that make you wonder what drugs were being taken during the design process.

There are also the Realtors who take the time to turn their listings into works of art and those that fail to see the opportunity that every home offers.

 As a Realtor who specializes in helping clients prepare their homes for sale, everyday practical art is a large part of my life. The elements of art and design playfully exist simeotaneously in my subconscious, making their way up to the surface of my mind when I need to make an important decision. For example, choosing the right paint color for a house takes consideration of many things: what’s the vibe, style, and natural surroundings of the house. What does the neighborhood look like and how can the color of the house make a statement without being obnoxious? As much as I personally love weird, I often have to temper my desire to get too far outside the box because, at the end of the day, the house needs to sell.

A good Realtor ought to have an artistic nature because the house itself is always the best piece of marketing. Pulling up to a run-down home doesn’t feel great for most buyers willing to plunk down their hard-earned money on a place to call their own. The Realtor that goes above and beyond the status quo of securing a listing and getting it on the market as fast as possible is the one who will reap the greatest rewards. Taking the time and energy to artistically curate a home for sale will pay in dividends--literally!

How does one go about artistically curating a home? Simple: create something that is visually pleasing and feels good to be in. This is the intersection of art and real estate--the homes we sell, whether they be houses, condos, or even multi-family buildings, have the potential to be beautiful and as Realtors, we can take the time to be thoughtful when presenting a listing to the market. 

Not everyone can see the sculpture inside of the block of marble, however, as Realtors, if we take the time to learn how colors can create a mood, the importance of curb appeal, and the significance of a well-staged home, we will bring value to the properties we sell as well as the neighborhoods we serve. 

When hiring a Realtor, sellers would do well to remember that presentation matters. Investing money into turning the property you are selling into the best version of itself is a smart financial decision as long as you are working with a Realtor that has an eye for design--an artist in their own right. 

Art and real estate are a natural pairing that have the ability to bring together different worlds for the betterment of both. Why not create something interesting and thought provoking when we have the chance to do so? Why settle for mediocre when greatness is always possible? There is beauty and growth inherent within the creative process and the intersection of art and real estate is one more opportunity to hone our craft. 

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