Unlocking Our Inner Creative Genius

Unlocking Our Inner Creative Genius

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  • 08/25/21

Unlocking our Inner Creative Genius

August 25, 2021

Unblocking, unlocking, unrolling, and revealing our creativity is a noble pursuit for anyone and everyone. There is a deep well of wisdom that lives within me and wants to be expressed through words and paint, stories and texture. I believe this fountain of beauty lives and springs forth from each of us, even if we never choose to acknowledge it.

So many of us go through life saying things like, “I’m not creative, I wish I was creative”, not ever knowing that the truest version of ourselves that lives within.

We forget that, in fact, we are creation. Our essence is that of imagination, genesis, and realization. I would argue that humans are literally born to create--and I’m not just talking about in the biological sense. But also, yes, even on a very base biological level, the survival of our species depends upon procreation. Some people might say we don’t need any more humans, but what if we as humans could be born to thrive in our creativity instead of survive in consumption?

I think earth might be a better place if more of us were tapped into our magical creative selves and produced works that inspired us to further greatness. And maybe even inspired others around us... 

The kind of creativity I’m talking about does not end in artistic endeavors. Of course, painting, sculpting, crafting, writing, singing, music, acting--all of the arts--are obvious forms of being creative, however, the less obvious forms are just as important. Creating an atmosphere of warmth and love in your home or founding an organization to help others in need are just two examples. Design a flower bouquet. Get funky and free with your fashion choices. Express yourself in a new way. The options for creation are really limitless.

Just like you. 

Although there are more options than just the arts, I do feel everyone could find a healthy outlet through writing. Some suggest that to awaken the creative door, when we wake up each day, we should write out three pages by hand of whatever comes to mind. No worrying about grammar, punctuation, or even making sense. Simply stream-of-consciousness writing to get your juices flowing. I believe this a very worthy reason to set our alarms a little early each day. In fact, this blog is a result of my early morning writing session yesterday. I copied much of this from my handwritten notes!

Indulging our creative center can serve as a very healthy outlet for the stressors of everyday life. For a moment we can escape into our own genius and cultivate our talents even further. This can result in inner joy.

Like everything else in this world, it takes time and practice to become great at something, so if the first time you sit down to write, it all looks like gobbeldy-gook, don’t give up! Keep at it everyday and one day you’ll find yourself amazed at yourself! And, by the way, no one says you even have to become great. You can just create for the sake of creating!

This goes for any creative endeavor...I love to paint. I’m not great at it and I’m under no delusions that one day my art will hang in anyone’s home other than my own, however, I still paint! Because I’m not painting for anyone else, I am painting for myself and the peace of mind it brings me. I’m painting to reveal more of my creative side and as a way to use my time toward something that is good for me and makes me feel fantastic.

In a world full of humans ready to complain and moan about their problems at the first opportunity, be different. Be the human that uses problems as creative fuel to transform reality into magic through some creative endeavor. I always think of Frida Kahlo and her magnificent ability to transmute pain and suffering into beauty. 

I will conclude by saying, if you’re one of those who have never thought of yourself as creative or dismissed your own abilities, let those thoughts go. Remember that just because you have not yet discovered your inner creative fire doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and there are myriad ways for that creativity to be expressed. If you’re already employing your creativity, challenge yourself to take it further in some way. In any event, putting effort into unlocking the creative potential that bubbles from within you is something you won’t regret and you’ll help make the world a better place! Happy creating!

​​​​​​​ABOUT ME

Hi, I’m Megan and a beautifier, mother of 6 children, wife, unschooler, Realtor, small-family farmer, small business owner, and  aspiring creative finding my outlet through writing. I enjoy thinking outside of the box, exploring, and challenging the paradigms set forth by society. 


Instagram:  MomWifeSuperStar

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