Why Consistency Matters

Why Consistency Matters

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  • 11/4/21

Why Consistency Matters

November 4, 2021

Consistency is such an important element in any type of success because it’s a form of accountability that is tangible. When you are consistent in doing something regularly, it shows. Think eating healthy, working out, and weight loss. 

For the past few weeks in our business, the results of our inconsistency have been standing out because we have not been getting as many calls as we would like to receive. This is a result of inconsistency in our marketing approach. Any company that is selling something and wishes to continue selling needs to have a consistent marketing strategy. Even McDonalds keeps its finger on the pulse of American culture to ensure it’s always relevant and catering to what the people want. Conversely, Toys R Us, had all the makings of a permanent fixture in American consumerism, but it’s poor management and lack of appealing marketing caused the toy giant to go belly up. 

If a store like Toys R Us is susceptible to the pitfalls of inconsistency and poor decision making, all of us are at risk.

As small business owners, especially in a highly saturated and competitive field like real estate, Stacey and I have done well, however, there is always room for improvement. Our Achilles heel has been inconsistent marketing and the lulls we experience in business have everything to do with this missing key ingredient.

On a whole, consistency requires discipline. To do something day in and day out, even when you don’t really feel like it, takes a certain inner strength that not everyone is capable of exhibiting. I’m a big fan of “divinely inspired ideas” but the truth is, you have to put in the work of bringing those ideas to fruition otherwise they’re just ideas floating in the nether. 

So what does it take to achieve consistency? Discipline, dedication, and commitment. We know these things to be true and they have proven to work over and over again. I’ve even heard Youtubers talk about how they posted one video a day for 364 days with little success and on the 365th day, when they felt like giving up, they suddenly got a million views. What may have seemed like an overnight success to outsiders was actually a result of--you guessed it--consistency. 

As a matter of fact, this blog is a result of me wanting to achieve more consistency with my writing. I have dreamt of writing professionally for a long time, but it always seemed somewhat out of reach because I’m not trained or educated in writing beyond general education college courses. Likewise, I’ve always compared myself to the greats in writing...which may be an indirect form of procrastination, now that I think about it. If I couldn’t be the best, why bother? Who would read my content? Finally, I took control of my thoughts and decided, I’m writing a weekly blog and if no one ever reads it, so be it! The point of this blog has been more about getting myself to consistently write something thoughtful every week. And it’s worked! I am now in month nine of writing a weekly blog. Maybe my book baby will soon be birthed?

Most of us are on this earth trying to achieve something greater than ourselves. We all have different ideas about what this means and that’s the beauty of diversity; we each bring something different to the collective table. However, those dreams are not often easy to achieve. They take guts and grit and they take action. 

Despite the fact that it may become boring or seem pointless, if you set your heart on something, whether it be consistently marketing your company, completing that art project you’ve always dreamed about, or drinking enough water every day, show up for yourself. Get it done. Chip away, even if it’s just a little bit every day and soon enough you will begin to see the results of your consistent action, which will help you to remain consistent!

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